God’s Work Music Video By Chantelle

Introducing Chantelle Bentick on the premiere release of the DEEP ROOTS RIDDIM.

Chantelle Bentick is a 27-year-old singer and aspiring songwriter from Diego Martin, Trinidad. She is an upcoming gospel artist with influences from the reggae genre. Chantelle comes from a Christian home filled with music, love and singing. Being exposed to church at a tender age stimulated Chantelle’s desire to become a singer. From the age of 12, she participated in the children’s choir of Movant Pentecostal Church. She also competed in local talent competitions with her older sister. These methods helped her to develop her gift of singing and songwriting. She was adamant in letting people know that singing was truly her passion.

Chantelle is no stranger to life’s challenges. Having gone through moments of depression, she sought the council of friends and made certain mistakes that critically impacted her life. Out of her experiences came a beautiful baby girl. After giving birth to her daughter, she realized the severity of her error and she knew that her only option for a fresh start was to fully commit her life to Christ.

Being inspired by past experiences of carnal sin and having the determination to never go back to that walk of life led Chantelle to write her first single “God at Work”, produced by Mr. Marcus Romero. Her music is geared towards expressing her determination to walk with God and to inspire young Christians, knowing the struggle they share of resisting unpleasant desires. It is Chantelle’s goal to have her music reach youths regionally and even worldwide so that it can be of help when they are faced with challenges that she was able to overcome.

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